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1. EMAS, New Applications and Evolution in Italy and EU
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/001    Author:    Andrea Rocchi ,pp. 629-638  
Published online:1/9/2018 3:18:37 AM
2. Real Estate Investment and Management Strategies in German Speaking Countries
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/002    Author:    Michael C. Truebestein ,pp. 639-658  
Published online:1/9/2018 3:09:52 AM
3. Measuring Customer Satisfaction towards Customer Services in Banking Sector of Mukah Sarawak
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/003    Author:    Habsah Mohamad Sabli ,Mohammad Fardillah Wahi ,Aeida Nurhafidzah Zahili ,pp. 659-665  
Published online:1/9/2018 3:05:58 AM
4. The Influence of Innate Factors on Earnings Quality in Malaysia: Before and After Global Financial Crisis
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/004    Author:    Laila Binti Musa, Radziahbinti Abdul Latiff ,pp. 666-671  
Published online:1/9/2018 3:02:24 AM
5. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Practice for the Companies Listed in Indonesian Capital Market
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/005    Author:    Budi Rofelawaty, Budi Artinah ,pp. 672-681  
Published online:1/9/2018 2:59:54 AM
6. Challenges Faced by Diary Producers for Pursing Sustainable Livelihood in Mullaithivu District
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/006    Author:    S. Shivany, V. Shathana, M. Piriya ,pp. 682-689  
Published online:1/9/2018 2:56:21 AM
7. Anticipation Approach in Designing Graphical User Interface of Augmented Reality for Shopper at Retail Center
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/007    Author:    Bakhreza A. Talip ,Junaidi Abdullah , Lim Tek Yong ,pp. 690-697  
Published online:1/9/2018 2:46:21 AM
8. Scenario Analysis of Energy Demand as a Basis for Energy Efficiency Policies: A Case in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/08.08.2017/008    Author:    Lilies Setiartiti ,Darsono , Lukman Hakim ,pp. 698-707  
Published online:1/9/2018 2:42:48 AM

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