• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
EMAS, New Applications and Evolution in Italy and EU

Andrea Rocchi

(Coris, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy)

Abstract: The introduction of voluntary instruments, such as EMAS, has radically changed the approach of the business world for the environment by passing the “command and control” logic to that in favor of a proactive approach. Born for industrial sites, the EMAS Regulation has seen time in the possibility of application to all organizations, both private and public, offering the possibility of membership, in the latest version, also to organizations operating outside the borders of Europe, through the formula of the EMAS Global. However, despite efforts by the legislature in making increasingly attractive adherence to the Scheme, the reflected on the ground, especially in comparison with the ISO 14001, it has brought about the expected results. This paper outlines the evolution of the EMAS Regulation, it was first issued to the current review process, reviewing both the European scenario that what Italian. The study analyzed the reasons for not Popularity EMAS and disaffection with Scheme which, from 2011, was found both at European level Italian. Besides the factors related to the economic situation, which has affected all markets, the work highlights other facets of the phenomenon that are characterizing the current downward trend. In the light of the audit trail in place and the enactment of the new ISO 14001, EMAS is a new challenge which, in this paper, outlines some of the possible evolutionary scenarios.

Key words: sustainable development; Best Available Practice (BAT); EMAS; future developments

JEL codes: Q3, O13

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