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  • Journal of Business and Economics
Measuring Customer Satisfaction towards Customer Services in Banking
Sector of Mukah Sarawak

Habsah Mohamad Sabli1, Mohammad Fardillah Wahi2, Aeida Nurhafidzah Zahili2

(1. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia; 2. Polytechnic Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Abstract: Mukah has undergone a rapid development under the SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy) project under the SCORE blueprint. Mukah is expected to be developed as Mukah Smart City in 2030 (The Sarawak Report, 2011). Parallel with the economic industry, the banking sector is also growing rapidly which makes daily banking transaction more swarming and in demand. In this paper, we present our research findings on the level and factors (intangibility, empathy, and responsiveness) of customer satisfaction towards customer services provided by the banking sectors in Mukah Sarawak. A total 391 respondents of Mukah residents participated in the survey. The distribution of questionnaire almost meet the equal amount for both gender however the female respondents dominated the figure. From the distributed questionnaire, we were able to collect data from 220 females with a percentage of 56.3%. Meanwhile for the opposite gender, we were able to collect data from 171 males and the percentage is at 43.7%. On another focus, for ethnicity, most of the respondents were Melanau at 29.4% (115), followed by Iban at 27.6% (108), meanwhile another 16.1% (63) were other races, 14.1% (55) Malay, 10.7% (42) Chinese, and 2.0% (8) were Indian. The survey findings further revealed that the three identified factors (intangibility, empathy, and responsiveness) are positively correlated with customer services provided by the banking sectors in Mukah Sarawak. The outcomes of this research can benefit the decision and policy makers as well as the banking sectors themselves to enhance the business performance.

Key words: customers’ satisfaction; customer services; banking sectors; bank employees

JEL codes: G40, G41

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