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  • Journal of Business and Economics
Anticipation Approach in Designing Graphical User Interface of
Augmented Reality for Shopper at Retail Center

Bakhreza A. Talip1, Junaidi Abdullah2, Lim Tek Yong2

(1. Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia; 2. Multimedia University, Malaysia)

Abstract: Anticipation refers to an action or decision that is taken in preparation for some future event. The purpose of anticipation was to construct and implicit or explicit representations of future states or effects before the actual realization of the action that produces them. Anticipation also generally associated with the ability of looking ahead or looking forward and its open the possibility to uniquely identify the design paradigm on the basis of abstract structure. Augmented reality (AR) meanwhile, is a vision based technology where the paradigm of interaction has shifted further from the constraint of the desktop metaphor. Furthermore, the usage of AR as assistive technology for shopper at retail still poses more challenges not yet well explored. This paper therefore aims to demonstrate the application of anticipation approach in designing user interface for augmented reality application. This study has justified five (5) images that can represent expected graphical user interface (GUI) in form of text and graphic for augmented reality. The image of GUI has been derived from five (5) use case of shopping that derived from features of locating services (ATMs), navigating inside the shopping center to a specific shops, encourage user to try new things, notifications to remind user to purchase the product while nearby the product location and additional information gained by pointing the product. The expected GUI of AR such as defined in this study can be used as an image based stimuli for gathering user feedback at very early stage prior to the development of actual AR application. In addition, this anticipation GUI design approach has been seen as beneficial in context of user experience evaluation where emerging technology such as AR will involves camera which is still the forbidden input devices at retail center.

Key words: anticipation; shopping; graphical user interface; augmented reality; retail center

JEL code: O33

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