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Core values: Guangzhou love Bosch help
Guang'ai Bosch, from the earliest Buddhist creed and its meaning for administering all life with compassion: the so-called mercy, hope and help relief the suffering of others, to be happy. Compassion want others to be happy, the Tsz line is to help others to be happy; compassion want others to relieve pain, sad line is to help others to relieve pain. The Buddhism requirements for life, without taking into account the good and evil, regardless of humans and animals, should lend compassion. Bad things should be tolerance and forgiveness, to help them with compassion, probation them, so that good deeds become a kind of generation, bear good fruit.
Social work itself is a kind of professional help and solve social problems. It helps the society of the poor, the infirm, the physically and mentally disabled, and other unfortunate; prevention and resolution of financial hardship or poor lifestyle and social problems caused; carry out community service, improve the social function, improve the level of social welfare and social life quality of personal and social harmony, promote social stability and development.
Therefore, Guang'ai Bosch value exactly coincides with the concept of public service and social work "helping people to help themselves".
(B) The purpose of the institutions
Abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policy, abide by social morality, adhere to the "people-oriented, self-reliance," the concept of social work professional method for the elderly, children, youth, migrant workers, women and other groups to provide appropriate services for the community organizations to provide professional supervision and project management, and build a happy home, to promote community development, building a harmonious society.
Service vision: to get everyone through our professional services, with dignity, with hope, feel the warmth, can be developed.
(C) organizational goals
Provide quality social work services, the popularity of the social work knowledge, cultivate excellent social workers to actively promote the development of social work, contribute the greatest force for building a harmonious society.

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