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1. A Thread Parallel Sparse Matrix Chemistry Algorithm for the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model
Author:    George Delic, pp. 775-791  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:29:28
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/001,  Downloads: 5
2. Nuclear Licensees Activities in Japan for Mindfulness of Nuclear Safety
Author:    Akihide Kugo, pp. 792-802  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:28:10
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/002,  Downloads: 3
3. Vertical Fences in Housing Units: The Use of Prefabricated Panels
Author:    Leandro Reis Andrade, and Gisleine Coelho de Campos, pp. 803-810  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:26:15
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/003,  Downloads: 2
4. Evaluation of Remedial Works for a Spillway on Landslide-dammed Lakes by an Earthquake: A Case Study in the Jiufengershan Landslide
Author:    I-Hui Chen, Kuo-Ching Chang, Yu-Chin Chen, and Miau-Bin Su, pp. 811-820  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:17:51
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/004,  Downloads: 0
5. Modern School Architecture: Analysis of the Educational Research Center Applied in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Author:    Camila Matos de Oliveira Silva, Dilson Batista Ferreira, Jéssica Caroline Rodrigues de Lima, Leila Vieira Torres, and Morgana Maria Pitta Duarte Cavalcante, pp. 821-826  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:09:54
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/005,  Downloads: 3
6. Design and Manufacturing of a System That Generates Renewable Energy from A Permanent Magnet Generator
Author:    Tripodi R., Cowes D., Montenegro S., Ganiele M., Alcantar S., Lucio G., Arcone D., Daverio N., Pereira C., Moreno M., and Ponzoni L., pp. 827-836  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:06:54
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/006,  Downloads: 0
7. Temporary Effect of Mining on Breathing and on the Physicochemical Conditions of Soil
Author:    Giovanny Ramírez Moreno, Harley Quinto, Lady Vargas Porras, and J. Orlando Rangel Ch., pp. 837-848  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:04:16
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/007,  Downloads: 0
8. Real-Time Optimal Energy Management for Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Author:    Jian Dong, Zuomin Dong, and Curran Crawford, pp. 849-853  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 17:02:26
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/008,  Downloads: 0
9. Cluster Analysis of the Soil Physical Attributes under Soil Preparation Systems
Author:    Sálvio Napoleão Soares Arcoverde, Cristiano Marcio Alves de Souza, Weslley Rodrigues Santos, and Egas José Armando, pp. 854-859  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 16:56:38
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/009,  Downloads: 2
10. Ecological Interactions in Epiphytic Orchids in the Archaeological Zone “El Tajín”, Papantla, Veracruz
Author:    Guadalupe Deniss Ortiz de Angel, José Luis Alanís Méndez, José G. García Franco, and Juan Manuel Pech Canché, pp. 860-866  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 16:53:34
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/010,  Downloads: 1
11. Using the BIM 5D Tool for Public Works in Brazil
Author:    Leandro Dias Viana, and Eduardo Marques Arantes, pp. 867-871  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 16:51:50
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/011,  Downloads: 1
12. Modeling the Water Balance in the Micro Basin of the Region of Tabuleiro Costeiro, Brazil
Author:    Marcos Vinícius de Souza Chaves, Mariana Dias Meneses, Bruno Javier Carozo Arze, and André Quintão de Almeida, pp. 872-879  Full-Text PDF  2020/1/21 16:47:50
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/09.05.2019/012,  Downloads: 5

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