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1.Mollerstadt’s Future: Urban Design as Part of Trans-Disciplinary Research
Author:    Astrid Schmeing, pp. 1-17  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:31:13
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/001,  Downloads: 2
2.Rational Procedure in the Design of Bridges Using Pre-stressed Concrete Beams — A Theoretical Practical Method in Search of Sustainable Structures
Author:    Abel Noé Xochicale Cortés, pp. 18-24  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:29:07
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/002,  Downloads: 1
3.Benefits of Pervious Concrete for Urbanized Habitats
Author:    Giuseppe Giunti,Daniel Miczek, pp. 25-31  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:27:37
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/003,  Downloads: 1
4.Land Acquisition for Industrial Parks and Household Income: A Study From the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Author:    Ho Dinh Phi, Dien Pham Huong, pp. 32-41  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:25:58
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/004,  Downloads: 5
5.Redefinition of Heritage Public Spaces Using PPGIS: The Case of Religious Complex in Old Cairo
Author:    Aya Elgobashi, Yasmeen El Semary, pp. 42-51  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:23:48
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/005,  Downloads: 2
6.After the Earthquake: The Resilience of the Territories and Communities in the Emilia Romagna Crater
Author:    Francesco Alberti, pp. 52-56  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:22:10
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/006,  Downloads: 2
7.The Extinguishing Democratic State of Law — The Collapse Environment and Society Without “Tomorrow”
Author:    Thaís Romera Vianna, pp. 57-67  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:20:05
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/007,  Downloads: 2
8.Representation in a Reflective Culture of Landscape Architecture: Observation and Critical Thinking
Author:    Daniele Stefàno, pp. 68-73  Full-Text PDF  2022/8/4 20:16:52
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.08.2022/008,  Downloads: 4

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