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1. The Leading-edge and Unique Technology,Mitsubishi Low Pressure EGR
Author:    Takashi Ueda, Kazuhisa Ito, and Naohiro Hiraoka, pp. 215-223  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:18:09 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/001,  Downloads: 5
2. Degradation of Mangrove Ecosystems Due to Shrimp Farming Activities and Its Conflicts of Interest in the State of Bahia, Brazil
Author:    Thiago Awad Prudente, Maria A. N. de Meirelles, José Â. S. A. dos Anjos, and Roberto G. dos Santos, pp. 224-230  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:16:14 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/002,  Downloads: 2
3. A Sensitivity Study on Low Salinity Waterflooding
Author:    Barham S. Mahmood, Jagar Ali, Shirzad B. Nazhat, and David Devlin, pp. 231-236  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:14:03 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/003,  Downloads: 1
4. The Observation of Targets Achieved during District Heating Development in Riga City
Author:    Normunds Talcis, Agnese Līckrastiņa, and Egils Dzelzītis, pp. 237-248  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:12:41 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/004,  Downloads: 0
5. Holwerd on Sea: Coastal Design from a Different and Integrated Perspective
Author:    Ted van der Klaauw, Nieck Alderliesten, Ronald Berk, and Ruud Hendriks, pp. pp. 249-262  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:10:47 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/005,  Downloads: 0
6. Impact of Biofuel Production on Land-Use Change: Case of Jatropha Farming, Kisarawe District, Tanzania
Author:    Francis Mwakapuja, Evaristo Liwa, and Japhet J. Kashaigili, pp. pp. 263-271  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:08:45 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/006,  Downloads: 0
7. Impact of Urbanization on Land Use/Land Cover — Case Study: The Western Part of Khartoum State, Sudan
Author:    Tawhida A. Yousif, Nancy I. Abdalla, El-Mugheira M. Ibrahim, and Afraa M. E. Adam, pp. 272-277  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:06:19 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/007,  Downloads: 3
8. Battery Modeling and Lifetime Prediction
Author:    Jack P. Salameh, Nagham El Ghossein, Moustapha El Hassan, Nabil Karami, and Maged B. Najjar, pp. 278-290  Full-Text PDF  8/18/2017 1:02:40 AM
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/04.03.2017/008,  Downloads: 1

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