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1. An Analysis of Burned Areas in the Region of Cantabria, Northern Spain: 2016-2017
Author:    David López Trullén, David Sanchez,Javier Espinosa, pp. 1147-1156  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:19:30
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/001,  Downloads: 135
2. Social Environmental Vulnerability to Global Environmental Change — Climate Change: A Perspective From Geomatics and Geospatial Analysis & Modeling
Author:    Daniel M. López L, pp. 1157-1165  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:17:41
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/002,  Downloads: 45
3. Evaluation of Production Management Tools in Urban Logistics
Author:    Cesar Eduardo Leite, pp. 1166-1174  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:16:00
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/003,  Downloads: 28
4. The Project “Monitoring Network for EMF Control” in Emilia-Romagna: Statistical Analysis of the Results of RF Measurements
Author:    Claudia Carciofi, Laura Gaidolfi, Alfonso Albanelli, Giuseppe Bortone, Marco Deserti, Tanya Fontana, Andrea Garzia, Simona Valbonesi,Franco Zinoni, pp. 1175-1182  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:13:56
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/004,  Downloads: 16
5. Municipal Protected Areas Within the Urban Context of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest
Author:    Luiz Paulo Pinto, Erika Guimarães, Márcia Hirota, pp. 1183-1195  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:11:59
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/005,  Downloads: 28
6. Proposition of Economic Valuation Index for Sustainable Ecosystem Management: An Island Case Study in Vietnam
Author:    Tran Dinh Lan, Hoang Thi Chien, pp. 1196-1204  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:10:17
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/006,  Downloads: 19
7. Judicial Investigation in Eletricity Distribution Networks: Difficult and Uncertainty
Author:    Pedro Alberto B. V. dos Santos, Carlos Barreira Martinez, pp. 1205-1212  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:08:09
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/007,  Downloads: 14
8. Facial Feature Analysis for Pseudodementia: A Preliminary Study
Author:    Brian Sumali, Yasue Mitsukura, Taishiro Kishimoto, pp. 1213-1217  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:06:16
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/008,  Downloads: 12
9. Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Nano Eu2O3/TiO2 in the Degradation of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution
Author:    Van Tien Mai, Le Thi Hai Le, pp. 1218-1226  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:04:17
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/01.06.2020/009,  Downloads: 18
10. Social License to Operate: The Precursor Case of Success of Caçu and Barra dos Coqueiros HPPs
Author:    Delfim José Leite Rocha, pp. 1227-1235  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 22:02:39
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/010,  Downloads: 11
11. The Tsunami Resilient Village (DESTANA) Expedition “Kibar Pataka in South Java”
Author:    Kurniawan Lilik, Gita Yulianti Suwandi, Soesilo Zauhar, Syamsul Maarif, Lely Indah Mindarti, Ridwan Yunus, pp. 1236-1244  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:58:04
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/011,  Downloads: 12
12. Maximum Avenue of Salsipuedes River, Effect of Land Use Change in San Gabriel Basin, Jalisco, Mexico
Author:    Ruben Dario Guevara-Gutierrez, Jose Luis Olguin-Lopez, Oscar Arturo Barreto-Garcia, Ma. de la Luz Beltran-Aldaco, Oscar Raul Mancilla-Villa, Carlos Palomera-Garcia, pp. 1245-1251  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:51:22
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/012,  Downloads: 7
13. The UV Index in Zacatecas City
Author:    Juan Manuel García González, Ricardo Conejo Flores, Adriana E. González Cabrera, pp. 1252-1256  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:49:11
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/013,  Downloads: 7
14. Radiation Degradation of Xanthan Gum for Use as Bioadhensive to Improve the Efficiency of Foliar Fertilizer
Author:    Nguyen Van Binh, Hoang Dang Sang, Tran Xuan An, Nguyen Thi Thơm, Tran Bang Diep,Tran Minh Quynh, pp. 1257-1263  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:47:21
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/014,  Downloads: 9
15. Environmental Assessment of the Wind and Solar PV Power Expansion in Brazil From a Life Cycle Perspective
Author:    João Gabriel Gonçalves de Lassio, Denise Matos,David Branco, pp. 1264-1274  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:45:20
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/015,  Downloads: 24
16. Current Status of Exploitation, Use and Management of Coastal Resources in Coastal Zone of Thai Binh Province
Author:    Nguyen Thi Nhuong, pp. 1275-1284  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:42:53
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/016,  Downloads: 30
17. Piezoelectricity as a Renewable Energy Source: A Literature Review
Author:    Robson Pereira Martins,Geraldo Lúcio Tiago Filho, pp. 1285-1288  Full-Text PDF  2021/5/31 21:36:53
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/11.06.2020/017,  Downloads: 24

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