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1.Hydraulics of Roughness Mild Slope With Stacked Boulders in Half Trapezoidal Section
Author:    Youichi Yasuda, and Nozomi Fuchino, pp. 1099-1108  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:45:04
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/001,  Downloads: 4
2.What Future for the Skyscraper? A Sustainable Recovery of Rai Building
Author:    Emanuele Chiffi, Giuliana Di Mari, Emilia Garda, Alessandra Renzulli, pp. 1109-1122  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:43:19
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/002,  Downloads: 0
3.Innovative Technologies for Drilling Fluid Loss Control in Deep Wells with Complex Pressure System in Central Asia Oilfield
Author:    Qi Liu, Huifeng Liu , Wanjun Li , Gang Wang, Ying Xiang, Tuo Zhou, Baletabieke Bahedaer, Xiaogang Li, Feng Qian, pp. 1123-1129  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:41:01
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/003,  Downloads: 3
4.An Innovative Remote-Controlled Device for Reducing Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions From Water Resource Recovery Facilities
Author:    Cecilia Caretti, I. Ducci, F. Spennati, P. Aloisi, M. Spizzirri, S. Dugheri, R. Gori, pp. 1130-1136  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:38:41
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/004,  Downloads: 2
5.Induction Factors of the Built Environment to Sustainable Mobility — The Case of the Nova Marquês do Paraná Project in the Downtown Area of Niterói/RJ, Brazil
Author:    Bernardo Granville de Paula Cople, Giovani Manso Ávila, pp. 1137-1144  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:29:50
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/005,  Downloads: 2
6.A Role of Women Activities for Enhancing the Community Fisheries Development in Cambodia
Author:    Kaing Khim, Hori Mina, Kang Kroesna, So Nam, pp. 1145-1151  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:27:47
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/006,  Downloads: 2
7.Analysis of How the State Member in Brazil Can Proceed to Promote Environmental Accountability
Author:    Álisson Barbalho Marangoni Correia, Cássio Esteves Jaques Vidal, pp. 1152-1165  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:25:12
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/007,  Downloads: 5
8.Theoretical Calculation of the Potential of Production of Biogas in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Alba Rancho in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Author:    Oscar Angel Nogales Escalera, pp. 1166-1171  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:23:33
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/008,  Downloads: 2
9.Urban Cultural Heritage and Democratic Action: An Illusion?
Author:    Eliana Miranda A. S. Soares, pp. 1172-1181  Full-Text PDF  2022/5/13 11:19:20
DOI:10.15341/mese(2333-2581)/12.07.2021/009,  Downloads: 1

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