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1. The Influence on Ethical Thinking Toward Effective Accounting Education
Author:    Masako Saito, pp. 1-15  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:42:30
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/001,  Downloads: 20
2. Situation of Food Waste in the Hostelry Sector in San Sebastian
Author:    Amalia Etchart Amilibia, Maria Jesus Alvarez, pp. 16-22  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:39:33
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/002,  Downloads: 5
3. Economic Basis of the Applied Fourth Industrial Revolution on Agricultural Land Allocation and Social Welfare
Author:    Nguyen Van Song, Nguyen Cong Tiep, Dinh van Tien, Thai Van Ha, Nguyen Tat Thang, Nguyen Xuan Diep, Vu Ngoc Huyen, Nguyen Xuan Huu, Vuong Thi Khanh Huyen, Nguyen Van Hanh, pp. 23-35  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:37:37
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/003,  Downloads: 14
4. An Approach to Integrate Multidisciplinary Sustainability: The Case of the Social Center’s Information System
Author:    Leonilde Reis, Clara Silveira, pp. 36-46  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:36:06
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/004,  Downloads: 6
5. Small and Medium Enterprises and Inclusive Growth
Author:    Nguyen Van Cong, Nguyen Viet Hung, pp. 47-52  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:34:19
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/005,  Downloads: 4
6. Innovation and Competence Enhances Business Performance Through Competitive Intervening Variable, Jakarta Small and Medium Business
Author:    Rudy Santosa Sudirga, pp. 53-62  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:32:50
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/006,  Downloads: 7
7. Management of Monetary Policy Implementation Macroeconomic Goals in Vietnam Now
Author:    Nguyen Dac Hung, pp. 63-74  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:29:58
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/007,  Downloads: 4
8. Outstanding Impacts of International Economic Interation on Vietnam’s Economy
Author:    Ngo Thanh Phong, pp. 75-82  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:28:35
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/008,  Downloads: 6
9. Economics — Is a Science Field About Effective Use of Limited Resources?
Author:    Yadulla Mehriban Yadulla Gizi, Hasanova Pari A., G. Q. Huseynova, pp. 83-87  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:27:08
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/009,  Downloads: 6
10. Legal Barrier in Raising Capital Without via Credit Institutions of Start-ups
Author:    Doan Trung Kien, Pham Thi Giang Thu, pp. 88-96  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:25:07
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/010,,  Downloads: 8
11. Strategic Planning — Organizational Performance Relationship in Health Care Organization: Perspectives of Previous Studies and Literature Review
Author:    Abdallah Ali Sulieman Alksasbeh, Zainudin Awang, pp. 97-105  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:23:08
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/011,  Downloads: 8
12. The Influence of Overtourism on Decent Work of Employees in the Tourism Industry
Author:    Song Qingfeng, Ying Li, pp. 106-110  Full-Text PDF  2021/4/13 16:17:25
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/01.12.2021/012,  Downloads: 8

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