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1. Dry Ice and Liquefied Biomethane — Two Products from Biogas for an Energetic and Economical Upgrading of Biogas Plants
Author:    Korbinian Nachtmann, Josef Hofmann, Johannes Paetzold, Sebastian Baum, Carmen Marín Pérez, Oliver Falk and Heinz Bernhardt, pp.1-7  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 10:40:32 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/001,  Downloads: 116
2. The Physiological Characteristics and Related Genes of A Physiologically Etiolated Cabernet Sauvignon Grapevine
Author:    Chen Yingchun, Du Yuanpeng, Ji Xinglong, and Zhai Heng, pp.8-22  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 10:37:58 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/002,  Downloads: 66
3. Decontamination of Fresh-Cut Iceberg Lettuce and Fresh Mung Bean Sprouts by Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processed Water (PPW)
Author:    Uta Schnabel, Diana Sydow, Oliver Schlüter, Mathias Andrasch and Jörg Ehlbeck, pp.23-29  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 10:34:25 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/003,  Downloads: 45
4. Sprouting Value Index: A New Concept in Vegetative Propagation Trials Using Costus Pictus
Author:    Justin R. Nayagam, pp.40-45  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 10:20:55 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/004,  Downloads: 44
5. Productivity of Gum Talha in Response to Growth Parameters and Tapping Techniques in South Kordofan, Sudan
Author:    Mohamed E. Taha, Elsir Y. M. Ali, Muneer S. Elyas, Hatim M. A. Elamin and Tsegaye Bekele, pp.46-55  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 10:12:26 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/005,  Downloads: 40
6. Adoption and Intensityof Use ofPush-Pull and Imazapyr Resistant Maize Technologies for StrigaControl in Kenya:An Application of aDouble-Hurdle Model
Author:    Backson Mwangi, Gideon Obare and Alice Murage, pp. 56-64  Full-Text PDF  12/21/2015 9:53:49 PM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/006,  Downloads: 44
7. In Vitro Agronomic Performance and Mini-Tuber Production of Potato Varieties
Author:    Namugga Prossy, Niwagaba Peter, Mateeka Benon and Barekye Alex; pp. 65-71  Full-Text PDF  12/16/2015 3:56:40 AM
DOI:10.15341/mast(2375-9402)/01.01.2015/007,  Downloads: 80

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