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  • Journal of Modern Civil Engineering
Current Issue
1. Molecular Dynamics Study Between Amine Solution and Calcium Hydroxide
Author:    Tan Pan, R. Kitagaki, and Y. Yoda  Full-Text PDF  2024/5/6 11:43:09
DOI:10.15341/mce(2470-4180)/01–02.04.2024/001,  Downloads: 2
2. Walking Analysis, Submarine Pipeline Susceptibility Analysis
Author:    Arlon André and Ana Tati  Full-Text PDF  2024/5/6 11:37:45
DOI:10.15341/mce(2470-4180)/01–02.04.2024/002,  Downloads: 4
3. Seismic Parameterization of Industrial Racks: Case Study in Mexico
Author:    Jose Manuel Cazarez Rubio, Ulises Mena Hernández, Luis Humberto Mendoza Garcilazo, Sal Fateen, and Francessco Lippi  Full-Text PDF  2024/5/6 11:24:29
DOI:10.15341/mce(2470-4180)/01–02.04.2024/003,  Downloads: 6
4. Cumulative Effect Quantification of the Spatial Interaction Between Wind Turbines and Birds: A Case Study of Adult White Storks at Eastern Flyway
Author:    Pavel Zehtindjiev, Valko Biserkov, Jordan Biserkov, and Nikolay Yordanov  Full-Text PDF  2024/5/6 11:21:22
DOI:10.15341/mce(2470-4180)/01–02.04.2024/004,  Downloads: 2
5. Evaluation of Nanobubble Technology for the Reduction of Heavy Metals, in a Sample From Lake Amatitlán, Guatemala
Author:    Nelson Sebastian Escobar Reyes  Full-Text PDF  2024/5/6 10:55:21
DOI:10.15341/mce(2470-4180)/01–02.04.2024/005,  Downloads: 6

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