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  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Experimental Study on Characteristics of Massive Fracturing Flow Back Fluid

Wang Qingji1,2, Wang Dan1,2, Li Ting1,2, Liu Qi3, Liu Huifeng3, Zhou Chuanyi4, Qin Zhengli4, and Zhang Baishuang5
1. CNPC Research Institute of Safety and Environmental Technology, Beijing, China 
2. State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Pollution Control, Beijing, China
3. Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited, CNPC, China
4. China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China
5. Daqing Jiajing Petroleum Engineering and Technology Company, China

Abstract: In Daqing oilfield, the produced water from fracturing cannot consistently meet the standard, especially the suspended solids. In order to improve the current produced water treatment, the basic properties of produced water from fracturing are monitored and analyzed, the separation properties of fracturing fluid, fracturing produced water and ordinary produced water were investigated and compared. Experimental results show that the separation of the fracturing produced water is more difficult than that of ordinary produced water, separation measures should be strengthened to improve the separation efficiency. Filtration technology has obvious effect on the removal of suspended solids. Centrifugal separation technology has a good effect on the treatment of fractured water, but which need to consider the size, construction investment, operation and maintenance costs and other factors. Air flotation technology has obvious effect on the removal of oil and suspended solids, the removal rate of oil content and suspended solids in more than 73.4 percent and 63.6 percent separately, industrial application can be considered.

Key words: the fracturing fluid, the produced water, the basic characteristics, the separation characteristics

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