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Research for Lithium-Ion Battery with Li-ion Pre-Doped Negative Electrode

Shouji Usuda1, Moh Moh Win Shwe2, and Wunna Swe2
1. Osaka Electro-Commmunication University, Japan

2. Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar

Abstract: The lithium-ion battery has excellent performance and characteristics as compared with other secondary batteries. Small lithium-ion batteries are used in portable devices, mobile devices, digital cameras, etc., while large lithium-ion batteries are used in commercial devices, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles, etc., and recently MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is expected to be applied. In addition, a large-capacity secondary battery such as a lithium-ion battery is also desired in a coordinated operation (Battery Energy Storage System) with an electric power system. With much demand for batteries expected in the future, development to increase the battery capacity of lithium-ion batteries is being promoted.

Key words: lithium-ion battery, lithium metal powder, li-ion pre-doping, intercalation, negative electrode slurry

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