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Determination of A Rice Husk Efficiency as A Filter for Greywater Reclamation

Muhammad Lawan Shettima1, G. Suleiman1, and S. S. Surendran2
1. Desert Research and Monitoring Control Centre, Yobe State University, Damaturu, Nigeria

2. School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University, United Kingdom

Abstract: The study shows an effective and sustainable alternative method of managing the growing greywater problems in Nigeria. Environmental pollution and health related problems as a result of poor greywater management have been a reality in many African countries. Greywater reclamation for non-potable reuse such as toilet flushing, dust control around the house, cattle drinking and watering the home gardens are among the options to reduce the consumption of potable water and control environmental pollution. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the treatment capability and performance of rice husk as an abundant agricultural by-product to develop greywater reclamation system in Gujba local area in Yobe state of Nigeria. The performance of this unconventional reclamation system shows that rice husk material is efficient to treat greywater to non-portable quality for domestic agriculture use in farming and livestock feeding. Results of the questionnaire survey conducted shows that maximum greywater generation in Gujba was 720 l/day per household. Furthermore, about 95% of the people participated in the survey have indicated social acceptability on reclaimed greywater for non-potable use. Turbidity and total suspended solids of the greywater were 427.6 NTU and 5.84 Mg/l respectively. Rice husk was examined for the treatment at rapid flow of 3.207 L/h and slow flow of 0.534 L/h. The average removal efficiencies for turbidity and total suspended solids were 81.81% and 86.47% respectively.

Key words: greywater, rice husk, suspended solids, turbidity, Gujba, treatment systems

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