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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Mechanics of VAWT

Samuel W. Chung1, and Gi Su Ju2
1. College of Architecture and Planning, University of Utah, USA

2. Department of Architecture, Yeung Nam University, South Korea

Abstract: Among much superiority offered by the vertical axis features of a wind mill over the horizontal axis mills, we must consider the fact that the machine is in yaw motion and the wind is not always horizontal with respect to the axis of horizontal machines therefore it has definite advantage. Here we will incorporate a modified Darrieus-type windmill combined with an elevated water storage tank. The VAWT blades thus form a shape of elliptical configuration with connection flanges at the top and bottom of the elevated tank portion. The stem post of the elevated water tank, a cylindrical shell, will also serve as turbine generator support. The windmill will perform various functions, including water pump, electrical generator, air compressor, vacuum pump and refrigeration compressor by means of different gear boxes. Except for the water storage tank, all of the equipment is located inside the bottom cone of the water tank support to provide efficient maintenance and inspection procedures. By adapting the vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) system, improved wind power efficiency and reduced maintenance costs are expected. Methods of structural design procedures are provided after relevant pressure calculation.

Key words: darrieus-type windmill, VAWT, HAWT, Ellipsoidal-shaped elevated water tank, gear boxes, water pump, air compressor

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