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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

A Variety of Household Wind-Solar Hybrid Generation Mode in Inner Mongolia of China 

Shaonan Yang, Bin Yang, and Jiandong Hu 

Hohhot BoYang Renewable Energy Co., LTD, China 

Abstract: Inner Mongolia is located in the Mongolian plateau where it has great wind and solar resources. Herdsmen in this region are living scattered and many places they living cannot be covered by power grid. BoYang has been committed to provide renewable energy service for local residential to raise them living quality through using renewable electricity for years and contribute to the national energy conservation and emissions reduction. 

  This paper introduces a variety of household wind-solar hybrid system model that are promoted in Inner Mongolia. They include independent wind-solar hybrid generation system, water pump systems and heating system used in zero-carbon buildings. 

Key words: Inner Mongolia wind-solar hybrid generation system, water pump systems, heating system 

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