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Development of Corona Ozonizer Using High Voltage Controlling of Produce Ozone Gas for Cleaning in Cage


Siseerot Ketkaew
Faculty of Engineering, Ramkhamhaeng University, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand
Abstract: This paper presents development of corona ozonizer using high voltage controlling for cleaning in red-whiskered bulbul cage. This power supply uses full-bridge converter at switching high frequency more than 20 kHz and controls its operation using pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques. Power MOSFET#IRFP450 is controlled by IC#TL494. The highly non-uniform electric field ozone tube of two level insulator cylindrical. The testing of multi-ozone generation system using 3 levels of high voltage controlling are 1 kV, 3 kV and 5 kV and at one-hour, ozone tube yields the ozone generating capacity of 328 mgO3/hr, 735 mgO3/hr and 927 mgO3/hr which ozone gas quantity are 328 mgO3/hr at 30 minute, 735 mgO3/hr at 19 minute and 927 mgO3/hr at 12 minute enable cleaning in red-whiskered bulbul cage.

Key words: corona ozonizer, cage, ozone gas, electric field, converter

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