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1. Export Growth-economic Growth Nexus: An Empirical Re-examination
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/001    Author:    Swarna D. Dutt, Dipak Ghosh, Adrian Austin, pp. 1999-2007  
Published online:3/30/2016 6:40:16 AM
2. The Relationship between U.S. Current Account Deficit and Performance of the Economy in a Globalized Context
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/002    Author:    Gail G. Fulgham, Jing Yuan, pp. 2008-2015  
Published online:3/30/2016 6:38:50 AM
3. Middle East Youth Partnership with Mobile Phones
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/003    Author:    Maurice Odine, pp. 2016-2026  
Published online:3/30/2016 6:37:19 AM
4. Fuzzy Acquisition Boundaries: A Success Model of Regulatory Stakeholder Interests
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/004    Author:    Terry R. Adler, Thomas G. Pittz, pp. 2027-2039  
Published online:3/30/2016 6:35:35 AM
5. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Italian SMEs
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/005    Author:    Alessia D’Andrea, Lucia Montanini, pp. 2040-2053  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:45:38 AM
6. Branding Strategies in Typical Food Products: A Qualitative Study
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/006    Author:    Silvia Bellini, Maria Grazia Cardinali, pp. 2054-2062  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:44:18 AM
7. Causes and Consequences of Work-Family Conflict (WFC) among the Female Employees in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/007    Author:    M. A. Akkas, Mohammad Ikbal Hossain, Sabibur Rhaman, pp. 2063-2071  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:42:47 AM
8. Religiosity, Attendance of Religious Activities and Economic Growth in the US
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/008    Author:    Gregory Chase, pp. 2072-2079  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:41:26 AM
9. E-government and Open Data Boosting Economic Growth: A New Index
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/009    Author:    Luciano Monti, Gianfrancesco Rizzuti, Erica Pepe, pp. 2080-2088  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:39:38 AM
10. Location-based Services: Tool for Tourism Service Promotion
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/010    Author:    Gana Matthew Attahiru, Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, pp. 2089-2096  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:38:03 AM
11. Applying and Promoting the Marina Sustainable Development Concept: The Case of Marina Bar, Montenegro
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/011    Author:    Branislav Dragović, Vassilis Tselentis, pp. 2097-2108  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:35:48 AM
12. Hydropower Optimization: Study of the System of the Rivers Las Cañas-Gastona-Medina
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/012    Author:    Santiago Reyna, Teresa Reyna, Fabián Fulginiti, María Lábaque, J. Lande, pp. 2109-2117  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:33:31 AM
13. A Legal Analysis of Exchange-traded Products
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/013    Author:    Federico Onnis Cugia, pp. 2118-2127  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:31:56 AM
14. Public-private Partnership and Smart Growth — Principles, Challenges, and Mechanisms for Effective Action
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/014    Author:    Albena Vutsova, Olga Ignatova, pp. 2128-2136  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:29:47 AM
15. Ethnographic Study of the Applied Scholastic Training for School Teachers in Ekiti State, South West of Nigeria
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/015    Author:    Olajumoke Adeosun-Familoni, pp. 2137-2146  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:27:14 AM
16. The Effective Function of the Audit in the Organization
DOI:10.15341/jbe(2155-7950)/12.06.2015/016    Author:    Fatmir Mehmeti, Vjollca Ibrahimi, pp. 2147-2154  
Published online:3/30/2016 5:24:57 AM

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