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Sightseeing Under Environmental Governance: Taking Beinan River Dust Prevention and Improvement Project as an Example

Yu Jr Tsai

Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, R.O.C.

Abstract: Environmental governance involves a wide range of areas. In the past, environmental governance was mainly focused on environmental pollution prevention and control projects. Since the implementation of the Environmental Education Law, how to integrate environmental protection issues into people’s living understanding has also been considered by local environmental authorities. This report takes dust prevention and control operations, one of the most difficult environmental education activities, as a case, and proposes to integrate environmental governance issues into tourism, and use the unique marketing strategy of creating value with local tourism. Through resource analysis, field surveys, and interviews, The author fine-tunes the model variables of tourism attractiveness in tourism competitiveness to include service availability, good ecological intellectual image, safety and stability, characteristics and cultural connection, which are suitable for tourism evaluation of natural environment areas. In addition, the author took part in small-scale sightseeing experiments and observations in the dust prevention and control river sections within the feasible range. The results obtained positive effects of tourism in text media, audio-visual media, and social platforms, and added characteristics and culture. Connectivity, as a result of successfully enhancing the tourism attraction and tourism competitiveness of the river section, further enhances the public's intellectual understanding of dust prevention and control measures, and is conducive to the handling of environmental education activities, providing environmental authorities as a profitable solution for reference.

Key words: dust control, water coverage, sightseeing model, environmental governance

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