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Recycling and Students: If It Comes From the Earth It Can Go Back to the Earth

Αννα Mironaki

6th High School of Heraklion, Greece


Abstract: Recycling and composting are two waste management actions for the benefit of humans and the environment. The use of recyclable materials has been continuously increasing due to environmental and art developments. Good food starts with good soil. Composting is a direct way of recycling. It is a natural process that converts organic materials into natural fertilizer. Students of the 6th Heraklion High School, through an environmental education program, used recycled materials and made the portrait of Nikos Kazantzakis, old-fashioned bags, a worm named Rosalinda, and a wooden compost for school. The students also made a lamp of plastic cups and presented a small theatrical event about the plastic bag. The project was implemented in the 2018-2019; by 25 females and 20 males students, lasting seven months. The aim of the program was to provide the student with an environmental awareness and quality of life in their daily life with an objective to sustainable development. The evaluation of the program using anonymous questionnaires and comics determine whether a recycling education program would lead to a positive change. The survey results confirmed that students understood well the important role of composting and recycling in our lives.


Key words: recycling; composting; environmental education; sustainable development

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