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Environmental Impacts Caused by Odoriferous Emissions Generated by the Degradation Process of the Organic Matter: Perception of Traders From Ver-o-Peso Market in Belem-PA

Fernando Bosco de Sousa Melo, Abrahão Smith Pinho da Silva, Julliana Cristina Silva do Nascimento, Rodrigo Otávio Silva da Costa, Gisele Cristina de Sousa Machado Maia, Ulisses da Silva Maia Gonçalves and Priscila dos Santos Ribeiro

Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia, Brazil

Abstract: This paper aims to assess the environmental impacts caused by odor emissions generated by the decomposition of organic matter in the Ver-o-Peso Market. The assessment was made by measuring the environmental perception of marketers in that Brazilian market situated in the city of Belém, capital of Pará state. Air pollution is emerging as a problem that affects not only the environment, but also public health, which is why the theme gains relevance. Organic compounds that cause bad odors emerge as a great source of environmental contamination. Thus, this type of research contributes to the dissemination of knowledge about the damage to human health caused by air pollution and odor emissions in the environment, which may negatively influence the population's quality of life. The information and data were obtained through on-the-spot interviews with marketers at the largest outdoor market in Latin America, as Ver-o-Peso is known. The qualitative research was made from bibliographic reviews, concepts about air quality, odor and pollutant emissions. In addition to the poor management of solid waste by the public administration, it was possible to observe an environmentally inappropriate behavior on the part of the marketers with regard to this theme. It was also found that more than 50% of the interviewees feel uncomfortable with the odors formed by the decomposition of organic matter, a result of the excessive generation of organic solid waste at the site.

Key words: air pollution, odoriferous emissions, solid waste

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