Technology and Engineering
  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Application of Spatial Remote Sensing for the Solution of Territorial Problems and Injustices

Víctor Herrera González

University of Santiago de Chile, Chile

Abstract: Geoinformation agglutinates information associated with different media, be they natural or artificial, such as cities or engineering projects. To generate these databases, so-called geotechnologies are used that define the principle of technological or geomatics association, highlighting among these the use of GPS, geographic information systems and satellite images. The latter have a great potential in the matter of the different spectral bands that can be applied to various situations and problems to be analyzed, highlighting pollution problems or territory planning, being able to support the repair of social injustices as well as contribute scientifically and technically to the creation of new public policies.   

In this context, two case studies will be addressed, one referred to the application of images from active sensors to evaluate a problem of contamination of fuel pipes in a fishermen’s fiord, and the other to generate updated cartography to regularize the situation settlers owners of properties in insular territory.

Key words: geoinformation, geomatics, satellite image, remote sensing, cartography

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