Technology and Engineering
  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Sustainable Framework of the Hellenic Red Cross Volunteering

Charikleia Kyriakaki, Athanasakopoulou Aggeliki, Kontostanos Dimitrios-Christos, Athanasakopoulou Sofia-Irini

Secondary Education, Greece

Abstract: Lifelong learning includes non-formal education, informal knowledge and subconscious learning. Adult learning is also a significant part of lifelong learning. Hellenic Red Cross trains volunteers who offer their work in several fields which can be related to sustainability pillars. This paper attempts to approach the Hellenic Red Cross Volunteers’ education and action within a framework of sustainable development, revealing the interdependence and harmonious relationship among social well-being, improvement of the environment quality and economic growth.

Key words: Hellenic Red Cross, adult volunteers, service areas, sustainable development

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