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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Noise Measurement With a Smartphone App as Part of an Environmental Education Activity Conducted in a High School in Treviso, Italy

Franco Andolfato1, Giuliana Conte2, Stefano Tubiana1, and Daniela Zanette2

1. ARPAV (Regional Environmental Protection Agency - Veneto Region), Department of Treviso, Physics Division, Italy

2. Liceo Statale (Public High School) “Duca degli Abruzzi”, Treviso, Italy

Abstract: As part of an environmental education program, some classes of the “Duca degli Abruzzi” High School in Treviso, carried out traffic noise measurements, in collaboration with the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of the Veneto Region (ARPAV). To collect the noise data, students used OpeNoise, a smartphone app developed by the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of the Piemonte Region (ARPA Piemonte). Through the activity, students were introduced to the concepts of acoustics and to the importance of devices’ calibration. They were explained how to take into consideration the measurement uncertainty and shown how it is possible to predict the measurements results with the use of an empirical model. Students had also the opportunity to process the noise levels data themselves and present the results.

Key words: acoustic education; mobile devices; sound level measurement application

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