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  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Assessment of the Influctuation Trend of Underground Water Resource in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam to 2030, Orientation to 2035

Nguyen Thi Nhuong1, 2

1. Institute of Geography, Academy Science and Technology Vietnam, Vietnam

2. Social Sciences and Humanities, Thai Binh College of Education and Training, Vietnam

Abstract: Situated in the fourth sediment, Thai Binh has an abundant underground water resource thanks to the mixture of river and sea. Underground water resource is about 0.5 to 10 meters from the ground and it can even be seen on the earth’s surface in some places, which creates favourable conditions for the exploitation and use for different purposes. However, Thai Binh is one of the two regions seriously affected by climate change and increase in sea level, the great exploitation demand put underground water resource under pressure in some places, so underground water resource is under the permitted exploitation level. Therefore, the assessment of the fluctuation trend, the study of demand, the changes in use and exploitation forms of underground water resource in recent years are very indispensable. The report based on survey results and reality in research place brought out scientific assessment which contributes to helping local authority come up with solutions for preserving such a valuable exhausted resource.

Key words: underground water resource, water resource’s fluctuation, integrated management, sustainable development, Thai Binh Province

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