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Effect of Positive Thinking on Our Life and Nature

Shweta Choudhary, Dheeraj Raj, Fuicc Falsugi
(Mahaveer Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, India)

Abstract: Thoughts creats vibration-flow enery-effect on atmoshphere and world. It is said your attitude shows your thought, your thought reflects your vision and vision creates atmoshphere. Nature is very sensitive to our thought our action. In natural form our original identities are love, peace, bliss, purity and happiness but due to five vices for example — lust, Anger, greed, ego, attachment. We have lost our natural identity. For Instance, when we were in our real form of soul with these identities, there were very harmony with nature. Nature was very calm, no bacteria, virus in the atmoshphere. but when these qualities depleted gradually-gradually, negativity have come in our life and nature.due to excess of these vices in human being, this disaster have come in the world, reason could be anyone. Corona virus only effects on human being not animals. Because animals did not interfere with nature but human beings cut trees, Industrisation, nuclear power, different types of pollution so earth has to take oxyzen and we can see reverse feed back with human beings. Please make a friend of nature. Become as a flower, spread a vibration of love, peace, happiness, bliss, purity surroundings.but how it will be possible, first we have to recharge ourselves with these five virtues. From where we will charge-answer is God who is the ocean of love peace happiness, bliss and purity. So we need to earn or practice of meditation, Rajyoga meditation is the direct method to connect with God. It is true if we come again in our original identity or divinity by Rajyoga meditation, nature also will be purify, become our friend and all negativity will be remove naturally.

Key words: positive vibration, cosmic rays, meditation, health, nature and world

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