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Radiation Degradation of Xanthan Gum for Use as Bioadhensive to Improve the Efficiency of Foliar Fertilizer

Nguyen Van Binh, Hoang Dang Sang, Tran Xuan An, Nguyen Thi Thơm, Tran Bang Diep, and Tran Minh Quynh

Hanoi Irradiation Center, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute, Vietnam


Abstract: In this study, xanthan powder were irradiated at dose of 0-1000 kGy, and 2% xanthan solutions were irradiated at doses of 0-150 kGy under gamma ray to prepare low molecular weight (Mw) xanthan for further application. Apparent viscosity and average viscosity molecular weight of irradiated xanthan much decreased by gamma irradiation as the functions of radiation doses. In solid state, the dose higher than 500 kGy required to obtain the radiation-degraded xanthan with Mw below 0.1´106 g/mol, but it was about 50 kGy for the xanthan in aqueous solution. Wettability of some irradiated xanthan were observed to utilize them as adjuvants in foliar fertilizer. The results suggested that irradiated xanthan XT2 with relative low Mw and high wettability can be use as a good adjuvant to improve the efficacy of super NPK 3-18-19 fertilizer in cabbage production in the field tests.


Key words: xanthan, gamma irradiation, viscosity, adjuvant, foliar fertilizer

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