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Current Status of Exploitation, Use and Management of Coastal Resources in Coastal Zone of Thai Binh Province

Nguyen Thi Nhuong

Thai Binh College of Education and Training, Vietnam

Abstract: Thai Binh is one of the 28 provinces bordering the sea. It is defined as a province with quite rich coastal resources thanks to more than 50 kilometres of coastline connecting with nearby provinces in the northern coastal region. The socio-economic development of the coastal districts plays a role in promoting the socio-economy of the whole province in general. At present, however, some types of coastal resources of the region are to the point of exhaustion due to irrational exploitation, bad management and lack of planning, which has led to many consequences including the pollution of the coastal and estuarine environment and the imbalance of the ecosystem. In the article on “Current state of the exploitation, use and management of coastal resources in the coastal zone of Thai Binh province, the  author has not only highlighted the general picture of the present state of exploitation and the shortcomings in coastal resource management but also proposed some solutions to improve the efficiency of the exploitation, utilization and the entire management as well in order to protect the coastal resources of Thai Binh province, in order for them to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of the province.

Key words: coastal zone, coastal resources, integrated management, sustainable development, Thai Binh Province

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