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Piezoelectricity as a Renewable Energy Source: A Literature Review

Robson Pereira Martins, and Geraldo Lúcio Tiago Filho

Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), Brazil

Abstract: The electric energy resulting from the pressure exerted on materials known as piezoelectric, is called piezo-electricity. Since its discovery in 1880, piezoelectricity has been the subject of scientific, industrial and energy studies. Its application ranges from implants and medical devices to shoes that light up LEDs and tracks in busy locations for power generation. In Brazil, its use is recent and, for the time being, it does not represent a large scale renewable energy source, despite being considered a source of clean energy, low impact to the environment and biocompatible (adaptable to the human body). Through a bibliographical research, the contributions of the several studies developed on piezoelectricity, focusing on its application in the area of renewable energies will be presented. At the end of this article, we will present the considerations regarding the trajectory of the piezoelectricity to the present day, observations regarding the use of piezoelectricity as a source of renewable energy and suggestions for future work.

Key words: piezoelectricity, renewable energy, bibliographic research

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