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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Bottom-Up Initiatives in Hong Kong Grassroot Dwellings

Fung Sze Wai Veera, and Peter W. Ferretto

School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Abstract: In Hong Kong, the rigorous mass housing (MH) effort has yet to resolve increasing housing demand. In 2018, the government pledged to increase public housing supply over the next decade. Regardless, experts concern that affordable home shortfall remains expected. In search of affordable dwelling, bottom-up initiatives rise against the centralized housing approach. Policies and physical conditions regulate these initiatives at various levels. Freedom for autonomous action is scant. Nonetheless, these initiatives question the role of architecture concerning: 1) the empowerment of inhabitant’s self-built capacity; 2) the realization of diversified lifestyles; and 3) the restoration of the intimate relationship between dweller and the built environment. This paper investigates three subdivided unit (SDU) households in Kowloon District. The objective is to identify the common pattern shared among these families, explicitly concerning how these occupants adapt to the units. The study comprises of two themes: first, the spatial organization within the subdivided area; second, the furniture function in support of programme needs. With a focus on reinvestigating the architects’ role, the research aims to outline principles to appropriate self-built action of the grassroot community.

Key words: self-built architecture, grassroot dwelling, housing value, dweller’s control, bottom-up approach

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