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Theoretical Estimation of the Potential for the Production of Methane Gas in the Controlled Dump of K'ara K'ara in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Daniel Antonio Caballero Beltran, Evelyn Estefany Melgar Támara, and Ricardo Fernando León Ochoa

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Lima, Perú

Abstract: The irrigation reservoir Unit of Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina receives water from the Rimac river for irrigation purposes. While Rimac River has a large source of pollution along its 127 km of riverbed from discharges, mainly domestic, industrial and mining waste, so there is a high probability of eutrophication, being necessary and very important the monitoring of nitrogen and total phosphorus for a better control. For this purpose, monitoring was proposed with the planning of the flight path (app DJI) and image acquisition with a multispectral camera (Sentera) coupled to an RPA (drone, Phamton 3 Advance) in order to acquire a cloud of images, RGB and NIR (Near-infrared), for the generation of a multispectral mosaic and its modeling through empirical equations and raster tools. The final product was thematic maps of the Total Phosphorus and Total Phosphorus levels in the reservoir whose digital levels of maps were compared with samples obtained from the reservoir, reaching a high degree of chi-square correlation equal to 0.94; to finally calibrate the empirical equations and get a general equation of greater precision and representative maps of the Total Nitrogen (NT) and Total Phosphorus (TF) levels of the reservoir, which future monitoring can be performed in shorter time periods these indices.

Key words: water quality monitoring, remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), remote sensing, modeling

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