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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Some Housing Issues Malaysia 2020 and Beyond

John Wakefield

School of Architecture, Liverpool University, United Kingdom

Abstract: Malaysia has experienced tremendous economic growth over the past three decades. Huge urban expansion has taken place, ranging in scope from smaller urban private developments to prestigious new capital and electronic cities. Many smaller urban private developments maximised profit for the developers at the expense of the users and the quality of life they offered. This paper investigates some of these current issues such as: population, urban design, developers, HPI, unsold units, AMHI, immigrants, squatters, ecology and landslides, speculators, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Rumah Selangorku, sustainability, Kampongminium and other issues that could pertain to future housing and urban design in this developing nation to secure the best positive future living for its citizens. The paper sequence is sub-divided into: Critical Housing Issues 2000, Critical Housing Issues 2020-30 and Aspirations for the Next Period.

Key words: housing, urban design, Malaysia 2000, Malaysia 2020-30, future aspirations

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