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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Multi-function Intelligent Relay for Distributed Generations Using Paraconsistent Annotated Logic of 4 Values

Silva Viviane Barrozo da1, Ricciotti A. C. D.1, Pequeno P. L. L1, Ribeiro J. C1, Braga Júnior A.1, Silva W. D.1, and Ribeiro M. L. C.2

1. Department of Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Rondônia, Brazil

2. Gera Maranhão - Energy Generator of Maranhão S/A., Brazil

Abstract: This paper presents the intelligent multi-function protection relay (IR) for inverter-based systems using a paraconsistent neural network. This network works with degrees of favorable, unfavorable evidence, sensitivity and time. The IR includes islanding, fault detection, fault type recognition, and selective fault blocking. The proposed multi-function APL4v IR was tested in a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environment. The results show that the proposed IR is superior to the traditional islanding recognition methods regarding reliability, safety and detection time.

Key words: paraconsistent neural network, islanding detection, distributed generation (DG)

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