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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Greening in Secondary Education: Guidelines to Consider in a Curriculum Reform

Gloria Peza-Hernández, and Neftali de la Rosa-Estrada

Institute of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies for Education, Mexico

Abstract: The present exploratory descriptive study refers to the experience of curricular greening in an urban secondary school, an academic initiative that responded to the need to cover with the policies decided by the federal educational authority; it was framed in the Educational Reform (RE) of the Ministry of Public Education [SEP], decreed for Basic Education (BE); however, it was not considered by the Nuevo León educational authorities as a viable alternative for educational innovation, even though it constitutes a contribution to the development of knowledge and practice in this field of study. This project emphasizes the challenges and opportunities of environmental education in teachers, as well as the attitudes and perceptions that motivated the development of critical judgment and creativity of students, among others, their training spaces and school practices that are interrelated and contributed to the development of the students. It is relevant to give continuity to the interinstitutional effort to strengthen environmental transversality in educational programs, that contributes to the analysis, reflection and attention to school problems, trying to support an academic reform based on educational innovation. Therefore, its main contributions represent the impact on a deep knowledge of the reality that is lived in our educational system, its needs and challenges to generate alternative proposals that promote the collective solution of benefits in the school community

Key words: environmental education, teacher training, school curriculum

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