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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Structure and Diversity of Natural-Anthropogenic Landscapes of Konkakinh-Konchurang Conservation Area, Vietnam

Nguyen Dang Hoi, and Ngo Trung Dung

Vietnam - Russian Tropical Centre, Vietnam

Abstract: Studying the characteristics of landscape structures is an important content in determining territorial division, especially in the monsoon tropics, where there is a strong division of non-zonal rule as in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Konkakinh-Konchurang conservation area is located in the north-eastern part of Gia Lai province with a special geographic location. There is a profound division of components, natural and human factors. The humid tropical climate is simultaneously influenced by the climate of the Central Highlands and the Central Coast. Natural-anthropogenic landscapes are quite differentiated from one system, one subsystem, three classes, five subclasses, 13 types and 87 kinds. The diversity in the landscape structure is evident in the elevation law through subclasses. In particular, subclass has the highest level of diversity is subclass on plateau with 3 types and 22 kinds; subclass on plain has the lowest level of diversity with only two types and 13 kinds. The diversity of landscape in Konkakinh National Park is much higher than in Konchurang Natural Reserve because of the differentiation of landscape forming components as well as long-standing farming practices of indigenous ethnic groups - Bana.

Key words: landscape, diversity, conservation area, Konkakinh - Konchurang

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