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Restructuring of Agriculture in the Northwest Region of Vietnam — Situations and Solutions

Do Thi Mui

Department of History, Hanoi Pedagogical University 2, Xuan Hoa, Vietnam

Abstract: The Northwest is considered to be the poorest economic region in the country. The economic structure is backward, with agriculture being the main production sector, accounting for high proportion and slow transition. Its industry and services have not developed, besides, the proportion is still small and there has been no exploitation of strengths for economic development. For the Northwest region to exploit the potentials for the strong development of industry and services, and economic transition towards industrialization and modernization, there must be breakthrough solutions such as: industrial development planning, reasonable service, attention to infrastructure development investment, material, and technical facilities, the attraction of domestic and foreign investment, open policies, investment in building several key industries, promoting the province's advantages; In addition, there is a need to develop strong service industries, especially tourism. Having appropriate solutions to transform the economic structure of the region, the Northwest will develop a stronger economy.

Key words: economic restructuring, solutions, potentials, ventilation

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