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Capoeira: An Alternative Instrument to Foster the Citizenship Process of African Descendents from a Social Work Perspective

Silva Luciene Gustavo

Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil

Abstract: This paper aims to promote the study of Capoeira and its relevance to the social and cultural formation of black youth. This Afro-Brazilian symbol has been recognized worldwide with its thematic set as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Brazilian Humanity by IPHAN and UNESCO. The study brings elements to understand the capoeira cultural capital of the Afro-Brazilian people and also as an alternative instrument, so that the Social Worker can find ways to overcome the challenges encountered in their daily praxis. The proposal is to resort to this culture as a way to enable the awareness of black youth and thus empower and promote citizenship for these individuals, who were historically stigmatized in Brazilian society. It is a theme that requires a new teleological perspective, which understands that race relations permeate the expressions of the social issue, so that not only an inclusive practice of Social Work, but a practice that is socially and culturally transformative, can be exercised. Thus, the use of capoeira/Afro-Brazilian culture, within the scope of the National Policy of Living Culture (PNCV), Law No. 13.018/2014, which may aspire and enable the materialization of Afrocidadanization of young black people.

Key words: capoeira, culture, afrocidadanization, social service

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