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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Flood Lamination System of Pescara River in Abruzzo Region, Italy

Fabrizio Iezzi1, Di Biase V.1, Coccato M.2, and Frank E.2
1. Genio Civile of Pescara, Abruzzo Region, Italy

2. BETA Studio Srl, Italy

Abstract: The growing urbanization of town of Pescara, as well as of urban centres in its proximity, and frequent and intense extreme rainfall events cause overflow of the Pescara river, with heavy negative effects (hydraulic, hydrogeological and socioeconomic) on the territory and on the people due to flooding. The urban development of the lowland areas often causes the impossibility to build defence works, like river embankments, in the areas subjected to hydraulic risk. Therefore, nowadays, the most common flood prevention measures are retention basins, that temporarily store water volumes during a flood event in order to reduce the flood peak. In this context, this paper shows major mitigation effects (hydraulic and socioeconomic) of an important and complex system of hydraulic works, consisting of retention basins along the Pescara river in Abruzzo Region, Italy.

Key words: Pescara River, flood retention basins, hydraulic and socioeconomic effects

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