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Genesis of Ideas in the Design Process, Investigating Their Creative Moment: Methodology

María Elisa Vázquez Covarrubias, and Irma Laura Cantú Hinojosa

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Facultad de Arquitectura, México

Abstract: There are few studies about the beginning of creative ideas gestation in architecture; and although it is implicitly included in the design process, it cannot be fully explained by these processes alone. It is considered that the initial idea gestation occurs when the client presents his first applications to the architect, which for the focus of this study is known as genesis of ideas. This study is part of an ongoing investigation. The research seeks to approach the theoretical construction, components, motivators, and structure of the genesis of ideas phenomenon in the process of architectural design, from the phenomenological, hermeneutic, cognitive, and disciplinary approach, supported by Grounded Theory (GT), using a qualitative and descriptive method in design logic. We worked with two groups. For the first one we created the script of the interview in depth. For the second group two new tools were designed to apply to practicing architects: 1) a design exercise, 2) a retrospective interview. Discourse Analysis (DA) and the Constant Comparative Method (CCM) was used to review the data. This document explains how the instruments were designed, as well as how the pilot tests were carried out. It describes the findings found and presents the modifications to the instruments resulting from those findings.

Key words: creative components, grounded theory, genesis of ideas, architecture

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