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The Impact of Climate Change on Public Health

Karagiannopoulou Maria

Charokopio University, Athens, Greece

Abstract: Climate change and its impact on human health have been at the heart of research and governments agenda for quite some time. Although local warming could partly have a positive impact, most of the impacts are considered to be negative. Not only exist the risk of increased air and ozone pollution, the greater spread of pollen and therefore the more frequent occurrence of allergies and respiratory diseases, but also an increase in deaths due to heat waves, floods, drought, fires, decreased availability and cleanliness of drinking water, reduced food security and reduced availability of health services. High temperatures will also change the distribution and increase the overall burden for certain diseases that are transmitted through vectors, food and water. Protecting human health is the cornerstone of climate change strategies, which can no longer be regarded as an environmental or developmental issue, because it compromises the protection and improvement of human health and well-being. It is now necessary to have a greater appreciation of the dimension of climate change affecting human health, both for the development of effective policies and for the mobilization of public participation. The aim of this work is to critically study and present the impacts of climate change on public health and the presentation of trends and policies developed to mitigate these impacts. The available literature, including scientific research, lessons learned, and decisions at international level, is critically reviewed. Public health data associated with the impacts of climate change is being processed, and evaluated.

Key words: climate change, impact on human health, Infectious diseases, vectors, pollen, food safety, water and food related diseases, atmospheric pollution, asthma, exposure to mold, extreme weather events, mitigation, adaptation

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