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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Research on the Construction of Green Transportation City Strategy

Zhang Guoxin1,2, Zhang Hongjun3, and Zhang Hongyan4
1. Business School, Jilin University, China
2. Changchun Station, Shenyang Railway Bureau Group, China Railway, China
3. Department of Public Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Jilin University of Finance and Economics, China

4. Changchun Vocational and Technical School, China

Abstract: In order to effectively address urban environmental protection issues, implement a sustainable green economy, build a regional transportation and ecologically civilized city, and build a “smart, green, safe and efficient” green transportation system, how to give full play to “high efficiency and low energy” The comprehensive advantages of green transportation with low consumption and low pollution have increasingly become the focus of common concern of all sectors of society. On the basis of the existing transportation development, this paper proposes a green transportation system creation model that focuses on broadening urban space, taking green transportation development as the concept and using technology application as the guide, and strives to build a green transportation demonstration city and realize the urban economy. The organic integration and coordinated development of benefits, social benefits and ecological and environmental benefits.

Key words: green transportation, strategy, energy saving

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