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  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Legal Framework of Environmental Management with An Investment Project Life Cycle Approach in Vietnam

Toan Mai The, Hai Nghiem Viet, and Linh Phan Mai

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam

Abstract: In order to achieve sustainable development, Vietnam has been adopting new development policies using a combination of the environment protection legal system, environmental economic instruments, sanctions, environmental standards, strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental impact assessment (EIA), and environmental protection planning (EPP). This paper deals with an analysis of the shortcomings of current legal framework for EIA and post-EIA. The result shows that the legal system of EIA was formed, developed, amended and supplemented continuously to fit with the recent changed situations in Vietnam. To cope with the dynamical economic development of the country, the legal framework is required to be more versatile and adaptive, to create maximum openness for the investment environment while still ensuring good environmental protection. The study findings provide a scientific basis for proposing an enhanced legal framework of environmental management to meet current demands of sustainable development in Vietnam.

Key words: legal framework, environmental management, environmental impact assessment (EIA), investment project life cycle (IPLC), Vietnam

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