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Design and Manufacturing of a System That Generates Renewable Energy from A Permanent Magnet Generator

Tripodi R.1,4, Cowes D.2,3, Montenegro S.1,4, Ganiele M.1,4, Alcantar S.1,4, Lucio G.1,4, Arcone D.3, Daverio N.3,
Pereira C.1,4, Moreno M.3, and Ponzoni L.4
1. Ingeniería Ambiental, bIngeniería de Sonido, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina
2. Proyecto ICES GDTyPECNEA, Argentina
3. Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina

4. Proyecto Aerogenerador Social, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina

Abstract: The most efficient electric generators to use in low power wind turbines are those of permanent magnets, this being one of the most expensive components of wind turbine. In this work, a prototype of a synchronic generator of axial flow was designed and built, based on Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets to be installed in low power wind turbines (less than 0.5 KW). The work was based on the following premises: 1) Designing and specification of the electrical and mechanical components of the generation system for wind turbines. 2) Building the power generation system, 3) Realizing tests and measurements of the constructed prototype. All the parts of the generator (rotor, stator, AXIS, base and coils) were designed and built using the following machinery: pantograph, grinder, bench drill, bench sander, tin soldering iron, winder, industrial dryer, rotating lathe. The result was a three-phase axial generator with 12 pairs of poles, with 24 magnets located in a rotor of 165 mm diameter and 9 coils connected in a star shape, offset by 40 degrees from one another. The tests yielded a maximum voltage test of 7.6 Volt at 500 rpm, obtaining a linear relationship between voltage and rotational speed. Although, this design is very low power, its construction allowed to obtain the necessary experience and knowledge-know how- for the development of future electric generators for low power wind turbines in the alar profile research group.

Key words: permanent magnet, generator, stator, rotor, wind turbine

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