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Modeling the Water Balance in the Micro Basin of the Region of Tabuleiro Costeiro, Brazil

Marcos Vinícius de Souza Chaves, Mariana Dias Meneses, Bruno Javier Carozo Arze, and André Quintão de Almeida

Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil

Abstract: The research was developed in the Rural Campus of the Sergipe Federal University in São Cristóvão, city of Sergipe state, in a place characterized by its predominant coverage of the Atlantic Forest and soil constituted by a Red and Yellow Argisoil with extension of 32 ha. The research collected climate data on purpose to model the main components for a water balance of the micro-basin, which were evaluated precipitation, runoff, evapotranspiration and soil water storage. During the period that lasted from September 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018, 1003.22 mm of rainfall and only 11.01 mm of runoff were recorded, showing the importance of evaluating evapotranspiration and the effects caused by the vegetation’s type cover. The modeling was done daily and soil water storage was estimated through the water balance. At the end of the study, the participation of evapotranspiration was intense, due to the climatological characteristics of the region, representing 82.4% of the amount of precipitated water, which is evidenced by the low recorded value of runoff.

Key words: forest hydrology, coastal board, watershed’s management

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