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  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Fuzzy Mamdani Controller Applied to Autonomous Navigation in Unknown Environment Variant in Time

Eduardo Vilela Pierangeli, Jordann Alessandro Rosa Almeida, and Marcelo Vilela Pierangeli

Federal University of Lavras, Brazil

Abstract: This work deals with autonomous vehicular control in an unknown environment, using a miniature car, composed of a MEGA Arduino, a servo motor and a stepper motor, also having a body that includes the wheels and the other components. It was intended to obtain and compare three controllers, two of the fuzzy type Mamdani and one of the on/off type, both developed using the Arduino® platform. The results obtained demonstrate the efficacy of the fuzzy controllers in relation to the on / off, especially with respect to the stability and smoothness of the vehicle, and also show that the Mamdani with symmetrically adjusted pertinence functions performed the course more accurately than the others.

Key words: fuzzy mamdani, autonomous vehicle, intelligent control

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