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The Integrated Management of the Water Resources and Water Supply in the Metropolitan Region of Goiania

Gabriela Nogueira Ferreira da Silva, Celene Cunha Monteiro Antunes Barreira, Maurício Martines Sales, and
Elaine Barbosa da Silva

Federal University of Goias, Brazil

Abstract: The populational growth and the increase in consumption cause a rise in the water demand. These factors have for consequences a greater pressure in the sources of public supply, especially in metropolitan regions, that have more population, services, and equipments what, consequently require a more complex management. In these spaces, it is important that the water resources studies happen in an integrated way with the municipalities. Once that, water supplying is a public function of common interest and, any activity or service done for a determined county can cause impact at other counties. In this context, this paper aims to analyze the integrated management of the water resources particularly in the water supply systems in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia (MRG), located in the State of Goias, Brazil. For this purpose it is done a bibliographic review of the main concept and also a information gathering about the legislation that deals with metropolitan environments and water resources for urban supply. Census data and quantitative data are extracted from official sources available at Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), National Information System in Sanitation (SNIS) and National Water Agency (ANA). The analytical and descriptive study and its spatialization allow to observe the trend for investments in underground water collection systems. Of the twenty county members from the MRG, six have a satisfactory water supply system and 14 need adjustments to the existing systems. In relation to urban water supply, 18 counties have water supply above 90%, and the counties of Hidrolandia and Aparecida de Goiania have the lowest water supply rates. Water production systems are generally isolated and the counties do not have projects that are looking forward to integrating them. The exception is the integrated systems of Meia Ponte System and Mauro Borges System that supply Goiania, Trindade and Aparecida de Goiania.

Key words: water supply, integrated development, metropolitan region, integrated management

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