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BIM and Sustainability: A Review from Architecture Field

Deborah Santos1, and José Nuno Beirão2
1. Universidade Federal do Cariri, IISCA, Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil

2. Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Arquitetura, CIAUD, Lisboa, Portugal

Abstract: Can BIM technology be applied to create sustainable architectural designs based on ancient constructive materials and techniques? What work has already been developed in this field? Motivated by these questions, this paper offers an overview of the evolution and tendencies of BIM papers in architecture field in academia regarding its relationship with sustainability. The quantitative method of bibliometric analysis was adopted. More than 40 papers, from journals and conferences were examined after a previous selection filtering by combining two keywords: BIM and Sustainability or BIM and Sustainable. None of the previous existing bibliometric studies approached the combination of these two topics. By generating and analyzing these quantitative data, research aims to improve the focus on fields of study that have not been yet properly addressed hence contributing to improve the respective field of knowledge. This analysis offers also new insights indicating gaps and possibilities of themes for future unpublished works.

Key words: BIM, building information modeling, sustainable, sustainability, architecture, bibliometric analysis, literature review

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