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Solutions for the Sustainable Development of Marine Resources in Vietnam in the Current Period

Tran Huong Giang

Political Theory Department, Quang Binh University, Vietnam

Abstract: Vietnam is located on the coast of the East Sea, with a coastline of 3,260 km (27th in coastline of 157 coastal countries in the world). The sea level in Vietnam is six times higher than the global average. Vietnam has more than 3,000 islands, including Hoang Sa, Truong Sa archipelago; The continental shelf is under the sovereignty, sovereignty and territorial jurisdiction of over 1 million square kilometers (3 times the land area). There are 28 provinces and cities in coastal areas, accounting for 42% of land area and 45% of the national population. With these characteristics, Vietnam is considered a country with great advantages for marine resources. The sea is truly the sacred territory of the motherland of Vietnam, the natural heritage of the nation, the spiritual and material support for the Vietnamese people today and tomorrow. The East Sea has rich and diverse marine resources. However, protecting the marine environment in Vietnam is challenging. Many marine resources are exploited exhausted, many marine environment is polluted. The level of pollution has caused serious damage, hindering the socio-economic development in Vietnam. The purpose of this paper is to understand the current situation of marine resources and marine environment in Vietnam and to present some specific solutions towards the sustainable management of biological resources. The results of the article include: Surveying statistics on marine resources in Vietnam. Identify causes that lead to depleted marine resources. From there, solutions will be developed to protect marine living resources in a sustainable way.

Key words: marine resources, Vietnam, marine environment, The East Sea

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