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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Microsimulation of Pedestrians in the New São Joaquim Station at the São Paulo Subway

Celio Daroncho, and Carlos Augusto Vieira Vidoto

São Paulo Faculty of Technology (FATEC), São Paulo, Brazil

Abstract: The present paper focuses on the development and analysis of the pedestrian flow at São Joaquim station from Metrô de São Paulo (line 1 – blue), which will receive the integration of the new line 6 – Orange. The study consists of the analysis of the pedestrian flow in the existing station and the construction of a model of pedestrian microsimulation, with the use of a specific software of pedestrian microsimulation, so that it is possible to simulate and verify the operation of the new station to be built. The aim of the development of microsimulation is to show that the use of tools such as this is very important in the initial phases of the project to avoid problems that, in some cases, are already known in the operation of stations and terminals, besides to the financial benefit of adjustments before calculated in the sizing of the equipment, such as quantity of locks, ladders, escalators, lifts, width of corridors, etc. The simulation helps predict the behavior of the users and the operation situation of the station equipment, anticipating the operation situation and the places that need attention in the design phase and the operation phase.

Key words: microsimulation of pedestrians, subway station design, subway station project

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