Technology and Engineering
  • ISSN: 2333-2581
  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

The Urban Planet: The Skin We Live in and the City within the City — Smart Cities

Adriana Nunes de Alencar Souza

Centro Universitário de Brasília, Brazil

Abstract: The article is about the city. The objective is to present the dilemmas between the growing urbanization, the creation of new cities, sometimes elevated in the dream of other ideal city without considering the requalification of already existing cities. It presents a historical panorama of the world-wide urbanization. It is about traditional cities and smart cities, focusing on Brazil. The observational and comparative method, through bibliography, films and documents, besides the author’s own experience in Brasília-DF and of your knowledge about Fortaleza-CE. It turns out that it could be so much better to make adjustments in our cities, to transform them, but not to the point of becoming unrecognizable, it is not necessary a plastic, complete or even an innovative implant. It is necessary to look at them with new eyes and to perceive what enchants or already enchanted in who lives in her. For, we are all heirs of a culture contextualized and that allows us the feeling of belonging to the place.

Key words: traditional cities, smart cities, urbanization

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