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The Pineapple Productive Chain at Novo Remanso: How Is It Development?

Beatriz Jean Maia, and Fabiana Lucena Oliveira

Universidade do Estado do Amazonas, Brazil

Abstract: The state of Amazonas, with the presence of the Manaus Free Zone, was consolidated with an economy focused on the electrical and electronic industry and generating an average of 80,000 direct jobs in a state with four million inhabitants, with more than two million concentrates in Manaus, the state capital, according to IBGE. Due to the industrial model, or even the lack of public policies focused on the primary sector, Manaus suffers from the supply of food products. From this information, this work presents the model of the pineapple productive chain, so that it will be analyzed how this fruit is produced, which is one of the few products produced in the State and that has been supplying the consumption of the capital. The doubts are many: would it be a one-off overproduction or would production be better and more stable? What are the greatest difficulties encountered by the farmer? Thus, we will try to find out how the pineapple productive chain is, the existing structure in the locality of Novo Remanso, which is the object of study, the importance of cooperatives, public policies and whether production is in a profitable and efficient conceptual way for the producer.

Key words: productive chain, novo remanso, pineapple, producer

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